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And it's not just because of people working in tech - gentrification of all kinds and increasing rent and property values make Seattle hospitable to ever fewer types of people.

less Big block of tech bros As the tech industry continues to funnel people into Seattle, it waters down the dating pool here.

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less The lesbian club Lesbians say that they all know each other in Seattle, so it can be hard to date someone who's not a friend of an ex or something. However, a bunch of Teslas and fancy craft cocktail lounges have flooded a city formerly marked by flannel and dive bars. Sure, a lot of us have our twee diets (vegan here), which I guess makes us precious snowflakes that can make agreeing ...

less Transplants Both native and transplanted Seattleites deserve love and hookups, but sometimes we face a culture clash.

Transplants will never know what it's like to be a chronically depressed Mariners fan, and ... less Nobody hits on anyone The passive-aggressive "Seattle Freeze" applies to dating, as well.

One could easily be a misfit here and find others to hang with.

Now it seems as though there are fewer flavors to choose from.

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