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However it is also possible (and quite common for some Neapolitans) to speak standard Italian with a "Neapolitan accent"; that is, by pronouncing un-stressed vowels as schwa but by otherwise using only entirely standard words and grammatical forms.This is not Neapolitan proper, but a mere difference in Italian pronunciation. These and other morpho-syntactic differences distinguish the Neapolitan language from the Italian language and the Neapolitan accent.While the term "Neapolitan language" is used in this article to refer to the language group of related dialects found in southern continental Italy and to refer specifically to the language of Neapolitan language spoken in the Naples area or in Campania.Neapolitan has had a significant influence on the intonation of Rioplatense Spanish, of the Buenos Aires region of Argentina, and the whole of Uruguay.There are notable differences among the various dialects, but they are all generally mutually intelligible.

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In central Calabria and southern Apulia, the dialects give way to the Sicilian language.

Other effects of the Oscan substratum are postulated, but substratum claims are highly controversial.

In addition, the language was also affected by Greek.

The grave accent (à, è, ò) is used to denote open vowels, and the acute accent (é, í, ó, ú) is used to denote closed vowels.

However, accent marks are not used in the actual spelling of words except when they occur on the final syllable of a word, such as Totò, arrivà, or pecché and when they appear here in other positions it is only to demonstrate where the stress, or accent, falls in some words.

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