Dating thai women culture 2011 dating websites

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Do speak well about the Thais and her country, she’s proud of her country.

Do invite her to make merit at the temple, she’ll certainly love that.

Do ask her about her mom and dad, she wants you to care about them too.

Do ask to carry her bag for her, she likes a gentleman.

Don’t sweet-talk too much with “Oooh, I love your..” etc, or she’ll think you’re a playboy.

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Do realise that Thai girls are very close to their family and…..

DON’TS: Don’t arrive at you meeting place after her on the first date.

Don’t invite her to a bar/disco on your first date and certainly…. Don’t misunderstand if she takes her friend along on your first couple of dates, she’s still a little afraid of you.

Do realise when you become her boyfriend she will be thinking about getting married one day, and…

Do realise that if she sleeps with you, she will certainly be thinking about getting married one day.

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