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For example at Obama’s inauguration, at Margaret Thatcher’s funeral and each year during the Dutch Memorial Service on 4 May. At the beginning of the 20th century the new medium ‘motion picture’ was often combined with poetry. Auden’s poem in ) broadcasted poets reciting their poetry every week between 19.And also nowadays poems show up in many blockbusters. In the United States popular poetry contests were aired, such as the Def Poetry Jam (2002-2007) and the Brave New Voices finales (20).The poem was transcribed and translated into thirteen languages. The internet, he writes, ‘ranks words below images, and delivers those images at great speed.People used ‘motion graphic animation’, ‘kinetic typography’ and self-made films to produce adaptions of the poem. It is the opposite of poetry, which, in this context, is made to seem ponderously slow, atavistically verbal, and snobbishly inaccessible.’ Then let’s take a look at Genius.com, where internet users collectively and democratically close read poems by Eliot, Poe, Yeats, Dante, Milton, Whitman, Keats, Rilke, Shakespeare, Plath, Auden, Szymborska, Shelley, Dickinson, Bishop and many more.And secondly because these media bring us poetry every day.

mention, such as the phone (the ‘Dial-A-Poem’ project in New York in 1969 received 1,112,337 calls in 5 months), sound carriers (which all started off with Thomas Edison in 1877 recording sound for the first time with the words ‘a little piece of practical poetry’) and the radio (in the Netherlands Jan van Veen has been reading poetry for the radio show ‘Candlelight’ for half a century).

In its first season, ’s ratings overtook those of the national sport, soccer, and the third series attracted more than 110 million viewers around the world.

In 2010 Hissa Hilal from Saudi Arabia was the show’s first female finalist.

Such as after the 9/11, when Auden’s ‘September 1, 1939’ was circulated online and so many poetry was written that a fire chief had to issue a statement: ‘Thank you for the food and blankets but please – no more poetry.’ Poetry and non-book media Of course watching a poem being performed on television or on You Tube is different than reading a poem in a book.

Of course there are lots of poems online that are not worth reading. But saying poetry is damaged by TV and internet, like Gregson does in his candidate statement, is overlooking the many ways in which poetry exists in non-book media.

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