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Even in the summers, most Portuguese girls in Algarve beaches are staying with their boyfriends or their families.So Algarve in the summer (like other southern Europe beaches) is mainly a good place to pick up British, German, Dutch and Scandinavian tourists who want to party hard and find some cock.I did meet one hottie who was started giving me the fuck me eyes, and as it turned out, she was from the FSU. The sight of the favelas on the hillside next to the 'projects', along with the run-down buildings on the train to Sintra, reminded me of the shitty parts of Sao Paulo.Well, I know pretty well how hard can be to pick up girls in Portugal.

In the winter, that Estonian guy will probably see more British and Scandinavian retirees there than young Portuguese girls.

Only that 5% of girls that seem to ellude most of us guys here in Portugal.

If your planning to date portuguese girls be prepared to drink a LOT of coffees and hang out in a LOT of lounge bars before you can "get it on" with a girl. You can try and look like a whiny metrossexual aka a caricature of Cristiano Ronaldo, that seems to help with some girls, but if your blonde like me, then dude, your scounting for girls in the wroooong country.

And I've already talked a little bit in this thread.

But, c'mon, going to Algarve in the winter to pick up girls is a very silly decision. It is a region which lives exclusively from tourism, mainly from the Portuguese and British middle classes who head there in the summer months to enjoy the beaches.

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