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Article author Anne Peterson questioned whether his career is owed to being 'a beautiful, pedigreed white man,' affording him opportunities to fail and come back.

The following morning my pillowcase seemed to have suffered more than my skin.Back in 2005, when it was just Jonno and I running Fleshbot and the commercial porn industry hated us for not being one of them (and for being pro-indie, pro-internet, pro-sexpositive culture, pro-queer, pro-woman, pro-Po C, etc), I was the one who compiled,…“Adult content creators are worried they won’t have a safe, viable income source in Patreon anymore.Other than having rather itchy eyes and some stubborn clumps of mascara hanging on to my lashes like limpets, I appeared relatively unscathed.By night three, however, it was a different picture.

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