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Rodriguez's defenders (and employees) are quick to say: Sheesh, the guy didn't murder anybody. A-Rod killed the radio star, and his fall from grace disrupted the whole symbology and mythopoesis of what it means to be a superhero athlete in modern America. (From a PR standpoint, he'd have been better served dating Bernie Madoff.Some Rodriguez haters are less offended by his mortal sins than his venial ones. In fact, he'd have been better served riding a tandem bike down Broadway with Madoff on the back seat, ringing the little tinkly bell.) Other haters focus on the verbal more than the visual.It's not a choice, to quote or not to quote, it's simple science, obeisance to strict natural laws, to the crazy alchemy between his damaged credibility and basic punctuation.Quoting Rodriguez is like dropping a Mento into a Diet Coke.He addresses the backs of their shoulders and baseball caps. He tells them his job, third baseman for the New York Yankees. He's that baseball dude who got banned for steroids or something, which makes him more than famous. And this year, whether he likes it or not, he's going to get it. More often than not, the mention of Alex Rodriguez in polite company triggers one of a spectrum of deeply conditioned responses. Months after he was old enough to rent a car he signed a contract worth 2 million.He tells them he owns several businesses, so he's taking this class because he wants to learn about ... He's, like, infamous, and dangerous, and kind of cool, a cross between Babe Ruth and Count Dracula. Seven years later: another deal worth 5 million.

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As part of the stories of the year collection, this piece is being resurfaced along with others in the coming days as ESPN Digital and Print Media closes out the year.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the two dozen students turn and stare, their mouths hanging open. He keeps talking, and the students keep staring, and none of them can process what's happening, or what he's saying, because though he's sincerely trying to explain, to give a brief accounting of himself, he's totally failing to answer the only question running through their minds. Add to that windfall another 0 million worth of handsome, and people were just waiting.

What the hell is A-Rod doing in my marketing class? Like everything else in his life, it's complicated. Fans will root for a megarich athlete who's also ridiculously handsome (body by Rodin, skin like melted butterscotch, eyes of weaponized hazelness), but the minute he stumbles, just ask Tom Brady, they'll stand in line to kick him in his spongy balls. A-Rod brutally kidnapped and replaced the virginal, bilingual, biracial boy wonder, the chubby-cheeked phenom with nothing but upside. Dating Madonna -- of all his liaisons, the most dangereuse.

In fact, don't even bother taking out a recorder or notebook in Rodriguez's presence. His suspension is over, but so is the public's suspension of disbelief. He looks as if the calamari suddenly isn't sitting right in his stomach. NO ONE CAN say precisely when the education of Alex Rodriguez began. Three decades of swinging a bat, of violently torquing his hulking 6-foot-3 frame, had caused a calcium buildup, and the buildup had become an impingement, and the impingement had begun to stop the rotation of the hip, not simply slowing Rodriguez's swing, causing him to look like a pigeon-specked statue at the plate in the 2012 postseason, but shutting down his lower torso.

Aside from the fact that it induces in him a physical condition, Resting Zombie Face, and aside from the fact that he says off the record more than an allergist says gesundheit, he's forfeited his right to exactitude. If he hopes to recapture the public trust, to repair his image, it will be through actions, not words. Certainly not Rodriguez; his mind doesn't work that way. Like the Red Cross right after a South Florida hurricane, they've been a little busy. On the day of the surgery he couldn't lift his leg one half inch off an exam table. Through the pain, through the fatigue, he sees with new, dazzling clarity that Sharp is right. He calls off his dogs, tells his inner circle to issue a statement that he's dropping all litigation, accepting his suspension, effective immediately.

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