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T-tt i K nif ' r']Milh adtnl UM to the Un- l Z*;;r ol MLvdwlppl before ["■f'Uon ela-ci at p.m. 22 — Some 30( farmers Irom Ilve'Ma Rle Valley coiin Ues voted to withhold milt from the market, at ti National Farmera or Ranlsntlon mecttn E Friday night In Uie Jerome, hifih school. Standing In n depnrtment atore and wol Ung for o paekago lo be wrapped Inst week, I struck up a conversation with a 4-ycar-old and his younger brother. Btp L21 (HEA — A principal reason why the communist party In the United Slates has been able lo stay In buslnus la that. Now we are approaching tho paint Kkero the budget jiat won't s U-clch for enough to cover oil the food Items we have been buving all olonc. COVERING THE CAPITAL WITH PETER EDSON have prorldtd IT -wlihfal Uilnken'' In thu country with an excuse to mini- mlie the threat lnt«nia Uon«| communism I o tie Vu Btatea and the free world. Wo ore quick to at Uck the school board trustees and-otflriala-of-clly-and-oouat T^admlnlstratlana^when they spend our money unwisely," he sold. Derr of Bolae uld Saturday that Idaho minlitcn p Unnlng an advertising campaign aialnil Vernon K. Tw'hi Fnlh counly cur- r ; r mm l -i-i l nir Tpnirm ttn : TTnllr-^r-ia»lnir-the-in Krtmurn Crow asked nbo«t ^P°^'^'^!? Hoaever onlj- of (hls.nmnunt used and Ihc remainder was re- verted back. for lndl-;lo be drawn from if the poor '*ot there "seemed lo be a lot fenta »r8-wiioiiit-Ui«-lo«cititemt. -r - 1»-«01— Twin Fans HONDA- I TRAIL 'SS' ' No Money Down .

m^'^'/'^Mon Wi lo-iro Se K«l; '"■'"■'■'« """"t at J^h«, V" "he Ll X:' ,■ "'"e of tlie court's fcf TT ■-Hf"'- ''" - "111 u-wa! Joseph Anfln, Jerome county NPO president, said he was un- able to say how many farmers actually would participate In the witliholdlnir action -which will begin xrtien local oltlcrm are notified from hendqunrlcrs In Cor n 1 n ji,-Lw-flim Uftr-m«o Unns-to obtain opinion ot farmers being held nationwide, Anfln plained, and It Is exicctecl that action will bc Kln by ' Thur. — It was stressed at the mcetlnf; (he action will be strictly volun- tnrj-. I aiked the explnna Uon^tor tho older.^y be- ing dark-Keodcd'and't Se younger brother being blonde. Lhc federal.gov- emment has not been able to set at Us source of funds. ir Ti'tiareltra BJ-imrts-TThutht T we don't have enou Rh budget, too much groceries or too much family. They provided many ™-™ proponents ot ■ppeosement in the cold WOT with a commortoble fee Ung that all we had to do was wait for the breach to deepen and pit freedom's two worse enemies against each other In a mfffhty power struggle wlthtn the communist world. The difference is that on local taxes we hare to take the money from our pocket to pay. The goremment, however, sneaks the money out Of your paycheck by the payroll deduction plan," BOISE. Smith's gambling propoial are confaicd "about the function of Uw, about tbclr own duties and about politics.'* "Announced plan* or the lew-mlnlitera Inrolved In Bepublleon-poll Ues-to Jlro-a U Ihclr bit guna against gambllnr on Ihe Sunday befocs Ibe elee- tlan»-l DO late to be aniwered faltly— Is a .repetl Uon of the nn- ethical conduct employed four yean ago," aald Detr. Derr, the 1BS8 -Demof nlle ni inee, Is area chairman of the Snjllh for Goreriior commlttca. *,,"^l'''", % Ze"ln l.'; SUVn Tor'mr^ear^^^^^^^^^ lo'^Cmim Sa Tc^^^ha" rr Srnr S'"HN"W3T0NEr. ihll' HONDA IRAIL On Approved - ii ,«dy Credit wod'tfi v-Wa I hum, ,or , BLASIUS CYCLERY *" Twin Fslli, Iditio clixte enough to make the budg- eted amoimt last and that the commission would not have to draw from the tiacklog of ca^i on hand.

lident Kenne dy has ord ered the office of emergen- cy planning to remove the hazard from the river, John~Aiiaer Hon;"a epoltcs; man for the U. Orriclnli pointed out Ihnt should one of Uic chlorlne-dllcd Uinki cprln R a Icnic and the hquld mln Rlc witli ihs river wa- ter, deadly chlorine rbs — of the (j-pe Uicd In World irnr I— irould ' be ercalcd. MUSCLES FOR PEACE Like music, sports competition is nn international language.

said todnya meeitng vas attended by cliem- Icnl cxp«rt.i, public henltti nnd cnelnccrlns o Cl Idnla nnd «n1vai;e experts. "Uc"i H:vt•H^t W^'S"I»^ fore the nelunl operation bc- Slna." Anderson wild. Itt "nln Fall.1 hl Kli scliool pep_ bind, dliecled by Del Slau Kliier, ltd ih( parsdc. Prldijr aihi the scouts held campout at Ilarman park. Some may also contend that history Is what people -tbin V it in What Lincoln proclaimed on gep L 22, then— prefer to think of as a great stroke for free humanity rather than as a mere "device of war," as Randall defined it, —Perhaps given it this aura because that la what they want it to be, because they feel that in a free nation a president can only decree that all men are free.

Eisenhower Hits Budget ji)f Kennedy _3rf[r tdio TErd today tliat "un- Cn)llnl»P"ir» BKO acninit return- J} 'lasnatlon nnd Innctlon" Via Ilfpubllcan rule. did 'our clitldrcn and f^nuid' Bdilirtn Kl U be paylns tlel As wi « creatine" i F ire Blazes i Dangerous Iy lln Leadvi Jle J LKADVILLE. ma - Fire brol:e out tonight mt the beort of hialorlc Lead- ■r Ja tomlns one pc TEOn to ■tf Ut. The corps Is looking for about 50 ath- letes, both men and women, who Ikiyc Krticipated in such collepe sport.s ns xirig, westllng, swimming, bn.skelbjill and t rack and field. Pjv^ln and five other Soviet farm experts ore touting our countrj- to sec wliy we hare otct- producllon wlille Soviet farmers camiol meet gonminent qu Wju. A ttifin works dlllgen Uy wlien he ft-orks tor him- self.

Ills pre-recorded xcrtiarks were brondcnst to the nation on radio and television, nnd by loud.ipenk- er to 3,000 persons Rathcrcd nl the foot of the while marble me- morial. Durln K, the d Licu.%3lon on Frl- New Clashes Told -On Indian JBorder NEW DELRI. Thmt tant wers Ulled lntt*a Ur whea miners gpitita fume* oa tba baif* which they wer* dcnnlat tsplodcd. Mildred Daalelai Ketchum; Theodore ■ Net*, Buhl: Mrs. acting to Impressive con- cert to bring more and heavier pressure on the West. inrwchout -"the country, but mostly In Calltomla where tliiee OOP candidates tor eonitri^M arc society, liberal Democrats have attempted to picture the Repub- licans aq "exlrem Lits" ot tho rlgh L Now, In a complete about face, the very forces which mode such use of "Blirhlcm'' hare throv Ti It away. "Iliflnffor mon Uis"~den Idtl3M that the OOP oust all lohn Blrtlwn from Its ranks, the Demooo Uc statecentralcommlt- ho B tarred ILielf with the some bruih— and In spade.i. EXCIUSIVE^HOWING FOR MACIC-VAll EYI — _ ************** THOUSANDS ...honmnil" NOWVOUCANSB n WHEARrti iimr tahre | lli-OK-TK-SI'' TICHNIRAMA'-TCCHNICQLOir- Pl? ADMISSll W Time s-News Public F orum Ygjley Writer Raps Gaming T^prpeplores-Its-Effeet _ _ lav our beadi on our oli J31W- -r. Tlie arch Vins nnnked wl U) Uuikrta of plnlc and rune red cladloll. Nan Darrlndton a:id Kay Eklund, All wore white onrondj' aprons.

Tho President's Uicme of the unrcadied Roal was stressed, olso by U. Ambas.iador Adial Stcv en.ion, the principal speaker. Sept 22 OD Indian and commun Lit Clilncse troops exchansed fiunllrc today lor tho third eonifcutlve day on thc~dl Kptitcd "n Drthts.'it-Irontlcr between India nnd Tibtl. Uic Indian spokcsmnn said tlic_ communists opened fire day on an Indian output ilicrc were "no repoi Li of furl meo Un K could be extremely rliky sc ot the dnn Kcr of direct and ih-rsonnl d Ki Krecment on such a hl Kblj- explosive Lvue: betwccti Uie lao le.iders of the tii-o Brcil po»i-:.- the n Pa.io_ federal court on rcconmieildstlorh of the E^:m creditors coiiunl Ure, I Brooke's order approving the No oao .to' authority liaa beenlsals Included ftll of Uib Mscts In E,vt« brothers In which Bobby Prank Eises Wd claimed onc- elgh Ui 1 Eatea brothers wils diflme J lo have as- seta of Sl.m Vj. (AF wlrepbotol -Sundoyr Septr-23,-1962- - -2 - Twin Falls-Timej-Newi T. Hospital -Helping Jmth ^Disease "Sfui Sy M»Elo V«IIfr Metn OTUil hoi. Benedict's, Jerome Vendla Nelfenereer,' Wendell; Mrs. Pint Russia brings pressure on Berlin wtlh a new display Of de- mands and arrogance accom- panied by a bulld-up ot com- munist military strength In East Berlin. At a wild and woolly meeting of the stale central ccrnmlttec, the ^eaker of the Cnlllanil.t a.i- jmnbly, . , Lo.i , An- gelea, and the totm hi ciilroii tniroducrd a molutlon wtilch w-ould have ■« einp Io)TOeni total below the Iisure of a year ajo, the employ- cnt lecurlly aiency rtporied lodnr. ES&nto BTWARHER Bfl OS l«aatt Riterti'Sa BI01l«am UUi Tdja OTJl Tg.hwtidalp. a me Sund»r 1" ^^Wl (Unbllng tor Jj'ijjal ittp lor ^ci JP Ol S^Sr.w™'' " '^J'ln I ca Jld think ot »i « , cirillwd (roup ot ''^ wuld the Klni- ft-jiiia Am trie*, ■^fl-il ,« how one ptr»n In ■j^who knc-^-. •nio bride n-ore a floor-Ienn Ui Kwn of oi-irtalllne satin nnd Iftce. l Uitli Tolman, "Ka Uiy llelle«-ell find Sue Hcllo- vc U, oil cousins ot the bride. In charce ot Uie kllchcn ■»-aa La Vem Dorrincton a-wlalcd by Geneva SUlly. HORENBEN Newlyweds Are Honored ot Shoshone Fete BH03HO.

j Ht dtlfndrd his own udmlnis- htion u » pmsrcvilte one, lind la Uie only pro Rresa made un- a Kenntdy has been "toward ■tfotit Jltd spendlnit and to- Sv J rw Lneniallon." ]d- Itic -lomcr - prwldcat: _ „j bud«t (jea www nnd m Hae.' H' »ddi! Injuring tl Eht others and ■tc±t an estimated 2^ mil- Itto Ultra In dnma Et durln R Or j M m mlnutcj, lire chlel b( Rat* reported. It Tbs clikf Slid tha rapidly- ^tu Uni blate still vis ronlni; K of control about ivo hours 'e Itit Arted and a number of stl U re re -■Mtefltd. Wanda Eohulu and Mia.,' Oe OTBe-Tracy , Poatlni; over Ume parklnnj bonds Friday were R. He work.1 Rrudglndv when h Li identity Li 10,11 and h U efforts con.ildered secondnry to the goali ot a weltnre a Ui Ie.

- - [A laiiiniolel, «'hnfd«arc~'il&re ir K»rafle were bum' I dnn dutlni: the nrst SO ta Mei A w Jtoca sali the en- ! ^lt uld a body, burned be- i t KDsnlllon, was found In it chirnd nilns of (he Myron- U^tlon Chevrolet company on Jjitolt Harrl Jon Avenue, r] " "~ ' ■ t;iiili3 routed anli-Guido OA f\ 1 Tfc 1* "XT * • .„ ,„ fr„,„ the heart „ri2U Ui' al r o lio V accmc Uinics Tlie residents Involved, live witliln ft 2S (0 30 mllo radius ' the sunken baree. i Nineteen youths went on a i ride In dayll Ehi ye:trida)' i safety "precaution. Hie nuulans know that U the real trouble with the rollccilre forms In their socialist republic. that he can get American fanners producing on a supply and demand bas Li —back on the ij-atem of free enterpriser- Yakima 'Rcpubl M- A STARTING POINT Tlie fedtra J aviation agent? "^Tihcli tt'fljntcrvra-tjy Wtrlene Oneida and Linda Onclds, Mrs.

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